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Nikola Mirčić

Nikola Mirčić Funkcija: Član Posao: Gustav Kaeser Training International Obrazovanje: Fakultet za menadžment Datum rođenja: Mesto rođenja: Železnik

Skilled sales menager able to drive big business challenges. always focused on business, with use of segment, industry accepted commitmentsor competitive knowledge to accelerate growth, respond to change, and exceed planned results, even under extreme circumstances.


By looking for new business oportunities, he"s looking for:

-Integrity and honesty even in the smallest decisions and gestures, everyday

-Opennes and respectfulness as prerequisites to acomplish all that we can as individuals, as teams, and as a company

-Big challenges especially in challenging times

-Passion for costomers, partners and technology

-Accountability to keep given word and taking responsability for the accepted commitments

-Self critical culture because the only way to improve is to see ourselves as we really are